Liquidity Control

A careful cash flow management is essential for companies of all sizes and from every industry that, even in the presence of positive economic margins, must monitor and manage - in addition to costs and revenues - the constant availability of cash to meet operational needs.

Our mentoring in the creation and management of a treasury system facilitates the firm in forecasting cash requirements and surpluses, so that it can manage in advance any of the company's needs, such as lack of liquidity or lack of lines of credit.

Cash management optimization also helps the creation of value, thanks to the use of less expensive sources of financing or to verify any unused deposits: the control of the balances may, thus, become a saving in interest payable or an increase in interest income.

Debt Restructuring Consulting

We can offer a valid support to companies in situations of crisis due to lack of liquidity in order to give the company the financial stability needed back, which enables continuity of service.

On the basis of the data provided by the entrepreneur, we objectively and concretely analyze the situation of the business crisis in order to understand if there is a real possibility of a debt restructuring out of court or if, otherwise, there are no longer the conditions and there is the need to resort to an institution as provided for under the Bankruptcy Act in order to preserve business continuity.

Recovery Plan, Insolvency Proceedings and Certificates

The recovery plan and the restructuring agreement are new generation legal institutions, designed to offer the entrepreneur, not only in crisis but also to the initial difficulties, possible remedies alternative to bankruptcy or other similar proceedings, in the presence of certain conditions specified by law.

Our experience in the role of construction, verification and certification of recovery plans is focused on situations of financial difficulty and on protecting the enterprise in crisis, banks or other lenders.

As part of this activity we examine the possible solutions and offer to customers the most appropriate legal instrument with which to manage a possible renegotiation of the debt.