Management Control

Management control is an important phase in the reporting activity, as it allows to predict and mitigate the differences between planned targets and achievements.

We can provide useful information to the management of the company to better understand the business situation and to be able to make timely, important business decisions.

The process is divided into a first phase of data collection, followed by a second stage of data processing and data analysis, and ends with a third phase of data synthesis and interpretation, supported by a reporting shared with the client and with top management.

Together with those figures, functions and departments that have contributed mostly to the achievement of the objectives will be identified, with the purpose of preventing possible predicaments that will be promptly corrected by a better management of the resources used.

Business Planning Start-Up

We assist our clients in the management of the start-up and in setting up the company, providing critical support for the definition of the initial business plan and the start-up of the company.

We support the entrepreneur in the evaluation of the project, in the financial and business planning, starting from the estimate of the expected cost-effectiveness of the activities, up to the definition of the financial planning requirements, programming, together with the entrepreneur, the dynamics of business flows.

The definition, forecasting and development of the cash flows will allow the search for the correct funding formulas setting the stage for the beginning of a successful project.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The M&A Advisory team provides a complete and constant support during all phases of merger or acquisition of a company.

The entrepreneur’s decision to open its capital to new investors is an important step: our team provides necessary assistance to the company in the stages leading to the development of the operation, protecting the entrepreneur and helping him in decision-making and in the operational path.


Scouting activity allows you to enable targeted action, aimed at looking for investment opportunities in Italy and abroad, after assessing the feasibility of business clusters, districts and industrial parks.

We work with entrepreneurs, funds and individuals through the identification of opportunities for investment and industrial development, not only in rapidly developing areas but also in micro-areas dedicated to contain investments in order to better finalize strategies and increase liquidity support business.

Due Diligence

Our team, through experience gained, provides a comprehensive due diligence, the investigative process that is put in place to analyze value and condition of a company: We put together traditional audit, tax, labor law activities with our experience in the evaluation of the business plan.

Management Consulting

Our role is to assist management in the decision-making process by making our know-how available across the various business dynamics.

We help the company in change and innovation processes, in the management of generational change, in the management of markets and customers, in the development of specific projects, in personnel management and communication.