Tax Assistance and Planning

We provide accounting and tax assistance to companies that wish to better manage their activities, paying special attention to the normative evolution and exchanging continuous information with the employees of the company.

We support the company in the keeping of accounting records both internally and also through on-site mentoring by our dedicated staff.

Payroll Services

We deal with processing of salaries, bonuses processing, updating and calculation of deductions and all costs required to manage the docket, the management of the post-employment benefits, the management of supplementary pension complement, processing and compilation model DM10 / 2 INPS, processing and F24 compilation, processing and printing financial statements (also broken down by cost center), processing and printing CUD, processing and compilation model 770, complaint protected categories, contract management and Enasarco and CO.CO.PRO.

Relationship with the Organizations

Gestiamo il rapporto tra le aziende e gli enti pubblici quali INPS, INAIL, Agenzia delle Entrate e i vari enti locali o statali, affiancando il cliente.


Through the audit service our professionals verify the truthfulness and correctness of the items of a financial statement or consolidated financial statements, as required by law.