Zaccariotto e Furlan Business Advisory Group also provides legal consulting service, mainly regarding civil law, including contracts and in particular real estate contracts, business law, corporate consultancy, the management and recovery of credit, tax law and tax litigation, including tax offenses, unfair competition, assistance in bankruptcy proceedings and labor law.


Assistance is offered in the preparation of different types of contracts and in the analysis of individual clauses, with the possibility of agreeing standard business compensation for such activities.

We tend to render information and advice from the stage of negotiations, through the preparation and management of the act and also cover the phase of care, both judicial and extra-judicial, resulting from any problem arising from the contract.

In particular we deal with commercial contracts, real estate contracts, preliminary and final contracts of sale, commercial leases and housing procedures for license validation/eviction, private contracts and sub-contracts, mediation, possessory and protective measures in general.

The firm also provides assistance and advice in the field of network contracts.

Business Law

Legal consulting in business law covers business activity to 360 degrees.

In particular, Zaccariotto e Furlan Business Advisory Group provides assistance, to individuals and companies, in negotiating the most important business relationships, participating directly in the case of a request by the customer, also at the pre-contractual stage and negotiations, possibly preparing “customized” statutes and terms of corporate governance.

We are also involved in the drafting of contracts and/or specific clauses which are specially processed, the preparation of the ancillary documents, providing advice for judicial and extra-judicial issues related to all types of contracts.

Corporate Consultancy

Among the services that Zaccariotto Furlan and Business Advisory Group offers, you can list: preliminary analysis for the choice of the type of company, drafting of the statute, economic and financial feasibility studies, assistance for the execution of the deed of incorporation, preparation corporate books; special operations such as transformation, merger, division, from the convenience and feasibility study to the notary act and subsequent steps; statutory changes, transfer of shares, termination, dissolution; company generational succession management; evaluation of companies, conducting appraisals, due diligence for the acquisition of companies or equity investments.

We are also able to provide appropriate assistance in litigation, both judicial and arbitration, related to corporate matters (with particular reference to disputes between members, their liability actions against directors and auditors, appeals to shareholders' resolutions).

Bankruptcy Law

We provide the necessary assistance to companies going bankrupt, in particular, through the preparation of bankruptcy petitions, with researches regarding the debt situation, certified company registration and whatever else is necessary in the specific case; through the preparation of applications for admission to the liability, or liability opposition, to enforce creditor claims before the competent authorities taking into account the nature and categories of loans, and, again, through the judicial assistance to withstand the revocation actions which might be proposed from bankruptcy and related payments received or claim return of goods.

Management and Recovery of the Credit

We are specialized in portfolio management, monitoring procedures and the recovery of claims.

The effectiveness of the recovery of the credit goes through a detailed analysis of the customers and a collection of useful data for each customer in the event of non-payment and our activity is routinely directed through the preparation of letters of formal notice, of intervention, acts of formal notice of court, injunction proceedings, opposition proceedings for injunction, acts of obligation, securities/real estate/from third parties enforcement actions, execution opposition procedures and implementing acts.

Tax Law

In the tax field our company offers consulting services, intended both to businesses and to individuals in the field of direct and indirect taxation as well as notices of assessment and\or taxation. The company focuses on technical analysis of the tax bills, acts of assessment and audit reports.

Legal tax advice takes place in the pre-litigation and litigation stage for the presentation of instances of tax settlement, as well as self-defense, such difficulties and other instruments relating to the relationships with the tax authorities. In order to provide the company with a complete assistance in criminal proceedings, the company offers assistance in tax litigation in front of the tax commission, also performing preventive actions to litigation such as voluntary disclosure, accessions, court conciliation and is able to follow tax disputes (VAT, direct taxes, etc.).

Labor Law

As regarding to the issues pertaining to the employment relationship and all issues related to it, the areas of activity include: contracting out of labor relations; layoffs, both individual and collective, corporate restructuring and reorganization; litigation relating to self-employment relations, or subordinate employment relations; litigation relating to managers, training managers and company personnel.