The aim of the company network project is the identification and development of opportunities for collaboration and integration between different companies, both within the same sector of industry and between companies of complementary sectors, in order to obtain significant mutual benefits.

Network Project Start-Up

During the start-up of a network Zaccariotto e Furlan Business Advisory Group provides its expertise in the organizational area; it is necessary at this early stage to define processes, responsibilities and objectives of the network and our experience in the industry with the successful cases to which we have worked are available for new initiatives.

Measuring Network Performance

Within the network there will be the need to measure not only the performance of a single reality, but complement it with the measurements of the performance of the network of companies.

The measurement and control systems must therefore focus on measuring results within a single organization, and measurement of the results produced by the network of relationships.

The experience has led us to build measurement systems built specifically for the various networks, working both on the critical analysis of data rather than on the collection, also at the individual companies, of the data required for evaluation.

Network Services Management

The management of a business network is not a matter to be underestimated, as it requires management skills applied to the processes of the network, because the new reality can grow and strengthen.

We support the project since its incorporation up to a possible evolution in more structured forms, through risk management, project communication, evaluation of the course, the exploitation of labour, the increase in participation and interface with banks and institutions.